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Comunicación y Hombre only publishes articles that have a favorable opinion of the members of the Publishing Board. The procedure used is blind peer verification.
The reproduction of the contents in this publication may be subject to explicitly identify its origin.

Previously, the article must pass a formal review in the verification that meets the standards of publication. Otherwise, the item will be returned to their adaptation to the pattern that follows the magazine.


Since 2005 Comunicación y Hombre has been established as a forum for discussion and dissemination of research being done in the field of Communication Sciences, and the work done from our disciplines by reference to the base of Humanism. As a result of this scientific and specialized in the magazine do not fit the simple popular articles or those exposed only opinions instead of conclusions reached after an investigation.

To this end, we offer our pages to specialists in this field so that through studies, research and reviews to help us in finding honest and shared the truth.

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