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A new perspective of the communicative process: The Framing theory

19th january 2006
28th february 2006


A long history of communication, the relation between information and veracity has been a subject many investigators have dealt with. The predominance of the objectivist movement during the 60s imposed a factual view regarding the communication process. With it´s maxima “Events are sacred, opinions are free” the ojectivism assured that the individium does not interfere with the iformation. The information thus became an accurate image of the reality. The Fraiming theory introduced, against the objectivism principles, the subjective element as a basic part of the communication process. The information is not just a reflection of reality, it is an accurate picture of it. Journalists, according to their ideological, cultural and religious orientations and their personal experiences, do build reality from a subjective perspective. In addition to the fact that the journalist focuses the information during is usual daily life, the framing concept can be also be applied to the different levels in the communication process, that means that all the elements envolved in the process can give a specific focus en the information.

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