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The diplomacy of the present: Universe 2.0 on your hand

19th november 2012
15th april 2013


Diplomacy has always existed throughout the ages and almost always in a traditional way. However, the World evolves continuously and communication, an essential element of diplomacy, has undergone a veritable revolution that implies a paradigm shift in the Society and, as a consequence, in International Relations and in one of their main supports: The Diplomacy. Throughout this work we shall provide the reader with the reasons why the diplomacy and its variants must update in order to adapt itself to the actual circumstances so to give solutions to the relationship between States R13;strictu sensuR13; and with the citizens of those States R13;the public diplomacyR13;. This update implies the travel from traditional diplomacy to an eDiplomacy, passing through multilateral diplomacy and, of course, by public diplomacy, concepts all them that we shall put in place to determining how the current Governments are positioned in regard to social media and to what extent those social media are a true aid or otherwise, they can become a great risk.

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