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Advance of the next issue: 16

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Data comunication: data driven/human driven

In this issue, we want to start a debate about the use of data in communication and what contributions can be given to this field from the point of view of humanism.

The communication we have coined DATA Communication is that based on the use of databases DB and, especially, BDB, Big Data, Open Data, Company Data, Textual Data… The use of a set of large quantities of classified data organised in such a way that they can be found very quickly and easily, which can become heterogeneous data in the case of BIG DATA.

It seems the coldest in the world, we associate it with great machines that replace the human brain and yet it gives clues to the return to very human values ​​such as reason, emotion and truth.

Data provides reliability and transparency, and it inescapably leads to implication and action. There is talk of data journalism, data advertising, data content and communication management and even data-driven marketing.

The use of DATA marks the frontier between mass communication, the mass media and personalised communication, connected by the web and social media.

We return to the small villages of primitive communication, the one-to-one sort, where knowledge passes from one to another; a turning back in a time machine predicted by the visionary scientist and spiritual person, Marshall McLuhan, in his global village, in the books The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man (1962), Understanding Media (1964) and War and peace in the global village (1968).

Data finds our profiles, our interests, they nominalise us, they give us a name, a face and why not? A heart.

The world of data has always been feared as a world that distances us from humanity, from humanism, but that is not true.

Humanism has a lot to do in this DATA field, but it must act, meddle, understand, study, analyse and finally, play in its favour.

Data can provide rigour, knowledge and commitment. There are no twists, no shadows, no greys. It could be the end of relativism. Things are, or they are not.

At the same time, data contemplates infinite nuances in which to find complex units. There is no need to simplify matters, and you can study many things related to the intangible, as immaterial as turning the consequences of the love of the human being into scientific analysis.

In this issue of Communication and Man, we want to make an appeal to collect articles that address what we have called DATA COMMUNICATION, seeking dialogue with other disciplines and other approaches to DATA DRIVE.

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Data comunication: data driven/human driven
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