Our history

Our history

Comunicación y Hombre was born at the Francisco de Vitoria University within the Faculty of Communication, in 2005, thanks to an idea of ​​the Director Miss Paula Puceiro who promoted it and gave the commission to its first editor, founder of the publication, PhD Humberto Martinez-Fresneda. Later, in 2013, its second director, PhD  Elena Pedreira, took over and began the process of positioning it better and better in the different indexes and gradually increasing the Impact Factor, paving the way for the future application for quality stamps such as FECYT and admission to the JCR (Journal Citation Reports). Currently, since 2016, the direction is in the hands of PhD  Daniela Musicco who takes on the challenge of returning the interdisciplinary nature of the journal, the renewal of the website and the implementation of the OJS platform; It also takes over from internationalization: turning it in the medium term into bilingual, starting with the web in two languages ​​and the translation of all static texts; It also takes on the challenge of expanding the number of international authors and reviewers, as well as the number of board members; another of the objectives assumed has been to draft and publish criteria of quality, ethical code, mission, vision, values ​​…; it has also been determined to implement a Strategic Communication Plan for the magazine to increase its visibility both internally and externally, increasing the use of its own and other’s media and social networks; Finally, the need to continue growing the Impact Factor, increase of appointments and presence in indexes and attainment of quality seals has been assumed. As an achievement of the year 2018, it has been possible to enter in WOS, Web of Science, ESCI.

In all these years of work Comunicación y Hombre has tried to keep alive the debate on the most current issues in the field of Communication Sciences through the scientific rigor of its articles. It has always been the main objective of this publication to always focus the focus of its contents on Man, on his social future, considering Communication as a common good, that is, a place of communion, of dialogue between people and bridge of diversity of opinions and different points of analysis.

It is the wish of this Journal to continue the path initiated and driven by the values ​​of the Francisco de Vitoria University and to expand its horizons towards new countries.

This publication aims to open itself even more to other cultures and take the debate about the need for social transformation through Research focused on the role of Man as the engine of a True Communication.

Comunicación y Hombre wants to contribute to the transition from the Information Society to the Knowledge Society; In a world full of media, networks and messages, we want to look for the meaning and depth of Communication.

This Magazine wants to continue the dialogue, the exchange of the word, in different latitudes of the planet, to favor that necessary dialectic to arrive, through the Communication, to the knowledge of the Truth.