Planning the publication

Planning the publication

The publication will be made annually (January) in both the printed and digital edition. However, in the digital version, the articles will be published in separate issues, that is, one by one, to the extent that they are reviewed, surpassing the evaluation of double-blind peer arbitration. review), being approved by the members of the Editorial Board, having passed the anti-plagiarism tool used by the Magazine, ortho-typographical correction and layout, to facilitate the dissemination of the same, both for the benefit of the authors and in that of the Journal and of the entire Scientific Community in general.

The theme of each issue will be announced, for its next publication, as soon as the Editing Council has met, once the previous publication has been made. The trend, however, will be to gradually work and make simultaneous call for papers that will make it easier for researchers to publish.

The editorial Direction informs the authors in 12 days if the work enters the editorial process and seeks to give answers in 12 weeks.

Articles will be accepted up to 2 months before publication to guarantee revision, editing and layout times through the use of the OJS platform.

In case of any type of anomaly as regards breaches of the ethical code or bad practices at any point in the article publication process, the magazine will make the appropriate corrections, being able to withdraw a letter or carry out the appropriate actions following COPE’s instructions. 

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