Steps of the publishing process

Steps of the publishing process

1 Reception of articles until November

2 Author submits article

3 Director first reading gives the first ok or not (if he gives the ok, next step)

4 Drafting passes Turnitin – Author is warned in case of excess

matches can be rejected, in case of little, author makes changes

5 Writing makes first formal review – Author makes changes and contributes

6 Director seeks expert doctor reviewer on the matter and requests

Double blind peer review -One / Two reviewers

7 Sent to reviewer. Reviewer reviews and forwards author – Author corrects –

Reviewer rechecks (if ok, next step)

8 Spell checker corrects – Author modifies – Corrector returns

to check (if ok, next step)

9 Model designer models and requests things from authors (example images larger


10 Layout Model Layout – Last Correction Correction

11 Delivery PDFs to press December (first week)

12 FERROS Review (second week)

13 FERROS refund (third week)

14 Magazine in WEB PUBLISHED already finished, (fourth week)

15 IMPRESA Magazine January

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