Statistical Tools  

Each year Comunicación y Hombre carries out an internal review of data such as authors, countries, readers, quotes… to identify in numerical and graphic terms various values. The tool currently used is Google Analytics, which is added to the magazine’s own website.

This tool provides a lot of information for its analysis and comparative study, which allows to guarantee an increasing knowledge of the results, interests of the Magazine and to apply points of improvement to the Publication.

The Google Analytics tool monitors the Communication and Man website in real time, providing very useful data for making the appropriate statistics. The number of visitors and their places of origin, as well as their time spent there…give an insight into the scope of the Magazine and its international expansion. In addition, the information about the reading of articles also offers data of great importance.

In addition to this Statistical Tool, the Journal prepares its own through information that can be subtracted from the content of the Journal itself, such as those of the last publication, which revealed that of the 45 researchers, 30% were international; of the 23 universities of origin, 40% of these were foreign; that of the 22 articles, 45% of the last issue were related to the proposed theme; that the number of reviewers had increased by 50% and that the international members of the Committee had grown by 75%; as for the aspect of interdisciplinarity, it was possible to analyze the fact that 11 areas of study were present to address the proposed theme from different points of view.

All this information helped to produce statistics with respect to previous issues that showed progress in some of the objectives that had been set in the last 5 years of work and also served to set new goals to be achieved.