Digital preservation policy

The policy of digital preservation carried out by Comunicación y Hombre is contemplated. The digital presence of Communication and Man, besides its own website, in these digital repositories of state public character some and local others, serves, to guarantee the file and preservation of the scientific production of the publication and also for the diffusion and visibility of its contents and results of the investigation of its scientific community, following policies in open.

This policy of presence in digital repositories allows therefore that all the scientific evidences, data and conclusions found and elaborated in the investigations of Communication and Man, can be made freely available at global level.

o Data policy

Comunicación y Hombre follows an open data policy and is adhered to by the DOAJ and Creative Common to allow the free and open reading and exchange of its contents by the international community for research, education and the dissemination and progress of knowledge, as long as the content is respected without being changed, the name of the authors is made explicit, the title and other bibliographic details are reviewed and/or a link or URL to Comunicación y Hombre is included.

o Metadata policy

The Journal also has a clear policy on the use of metadata, making use of keywords, originating its own list corresponding to thesaurus and labels. The metadata provide information about the reference context of the data present in each research, and relate them to areas of knowledge and topics of interest, in order to facilitate their recovery and finding.