Mission, vision and values

Mission, vision and values

The mission, vision and values ​​of Communication and Man were born at the Francisco de Vitoria University within the Faculty of Communication, at the idea of ​​its director, Doña Paula Puceiro, who promoted the creation of the magazine in 2005, under the auspices of its first director, founder of the publication Dr. Humberto Martinez-Fresnada; Later they are reinforced and expanded with their second director from 2013, Dr. Elena Pedreira; finally they are collected and made public for the first time by their third and current director, Dr. Daniela Musicco.

Mission: To create an area for reflection and dissemination of the research carried out in the field of Communication Sciences, taking as a reference the basis of integral humanism, that is, taking into account the person, the true object of university work, in their individuality and in their sociability. This magazine was born with the vocation of reflecting on communication, seeking to open a dialogue between the different disciplines.

Vision: The ultimate goal of Communication and Man is to enrich the usual contents of communication research, seeking to grow in the reflection of its ultimate meaning, without forgetting that this growth is only to the extent that it also makes man and society grow . This magazine seeks to transform society through its contents and to be a benchmark for scientific and academic dissemination in Communication with deep roots in the Humanities.

Values: The values ​​of Communication and Man are the love of truth, scientific quality, the commitment to Communication as an essentially human process, the development of rigor of thought, the enrichment of the debate on Communication Sciences and Humanities, through interdisciplinarity, the promotion of the human critical sense, the opening towards transcendence and growth within the University Community.

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