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Against the “foreign enemy”.The emissions from RNE (spanish national radio) in french language (1945-1953)

25th april 2005
6th september 2005


As soon as The Second World War was about to finish, the Spanish anti-Franco’s regime exile stresses its propaganda against Franco`s Regime. One of the most effective mass media were the radio programmes in hands of Spanish exiled (specially at the South of France). Those radio programmes were destined to be listened to in Spain. Franco´s regime reactioned get going a series of emissions of RNE in different languages that were meant for propaganda for foreign countries. One of the most important emissions were the one in French. That was because one of the most important groups of Spanish anti Franco`s regime exiled were living in France. The periode have chosen, from 1944 until 1953 is the most difficult one because they were frightened because the possibility of being isolated by the rest of the nations after the victory of the allied at the Worls War, that is: the opposite side Spanish Government had bet.

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