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Bilbo Baggins or the way a bobbit teached us the virtues of faith

25th march 2018
17th october 2018


The present work aims to present in the story of The Hobbit of J.R.R. Tolkien what are the virtues required to exercise faith as the way in which our choices make the truth and an ultimate sense, to emerge from life, that are not expressed directly, but as a flow of time. This means that Tolkien, both in his idea of ​​the fantastic story and in the configuration of the history and character of his characters, presents faith and freedom as two areas that are mutually required to be performed. Thus in this text, we first expose a reflection on the meaning of the fantastic story and the recovery of time, secondly in what sense the adventure of Bilbo Baggins is that of the faith, and third how the story can be understood as the growth of virtues for faith in three tests Bilbo has to confront: Gollum, Smaug and the wayback..

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