Numbers > Number 9 > El Ideal Gallego (1935-1955): catholic stronghold in Galicia
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El Ideal Gallego (1935-1955): catholic stronghold in Galicia

25th april 2013
28th june 2013


Study about the local newspaper “El Ideal Gallego” in La Coruña town, under the direction of Santiago Lozano y Narciso Campillo. Journal of the Editorial Católica (EDICA), Catholic Editorial, became a reference in the province because of its fidelity to ideological principles emanating from Ángel Herrera and also due to their ability to overcome initial barriers imposed by Franquism. This article analyzes the development of the publication in the early hours postwar until 1955, a time of deep weakness within the ACdP, National Catholic Association of Propagandist, institution that guided EDICA. Research in journals, archives and documents allows us to approach from a multidisciplinary perspective to the newspaper driver of economic, political and cultural interests of the region.

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