Numbers > Number 6 > Reviewing Augustinian Theology by an original theory of desire. (Part 1)
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Reviewing Augustinian Theology by an original theory of desire. (Part 1)

30th march 2010
13th may 2010


The Christian tradition is based on three pillars: original sin, Mediator, and sacrifice that uphold a philosophy of history. Saint Augustine is one of the supporters of this outline, but it is necessary an up-to-date language, in front of the new versions of paganism (militant laicism, banal nihilism proud of its finitude, no necessity of divines mediators, and a negation of sacrifice in the way of hedonism). The new language is contributed by René Girard. His mimetic theory, his conception of desire, his interpretation of the Gospel like a science of violence, his discovering of the scapegoat mechanism, is an old science that is inspired in Saint Augustine.

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