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Thomas Stearns Eliot: Poetic creation and criticism in The sacred wood

4th march 2013
20th may 2013


As in modernity, today the world is in need of profound answers to rethink humanity as a whole and our way of life. As in modernity, the way in which today’s world is understood is changing; it is a process in which the media, advertising and even art play a fundamental role. Indeed, the importance of being human can sometimes become diluted in such bureaucratic and informative practices. The ultimate objective of the works by Thomas Stearns Eliot is that human beings should neither allow themselves to be caught up in existential apathy nor crushed by diverse social elements, and that is why he undertook research into poetic theory and practice, into the being and making of poetry, and into creation and criticism. These word pairs are inseparable in the creative model proposed by their author.

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