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The communication problem in medical diagnosis

8th october 2013
17th june 2014


The need that patients receive clear information about their disease has emerged in the present, hence we propose studying in this work how they get to integrate the diagnosis into their subjetivity. This process is not easy because that means to assume something unpleasant that could change her life. We used a sample of women with breast cancer diagnosis and applied a cualitative metodology consisting in a number of interviews in which the verbal expressions about their illness has been accurately recorded. So, we were able to know the particular experience of these patients related to the way that the progressive asimilation of the disease diagnosis was possible. Outcomes shows it is needed to differentiate three types of diagnosis: “medical” “comunicated” and “assimilated” and two kind of well definite actions: that of the doctor : “the translation” , and that of the patient: “the grasp”. Finally, it is shown how the women studied deploy containment measures of emotional tension derived from knowledge of the diagnosis, which are those impeding the subjectivation.


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