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The reliability in the mission of the communicator

30th april 2010
1st july 2010


Freedom of expression, gathered fundamental right in our Constitution, is the frame that must put into context the use of the sources of intelligence by the journalists. Talking about freedom of expression therefore is to talk about responsibility, ethics, and professional deontology. It is, definitely, to examine the role of the journalist as a communicator. And one of the aspects that measures the reliability of the labor of the journalist comes given by the selection and suitable use of the sources of information that he handles. The society has right to be informed with the truth and with honesty and it is here, from the relation sources-journalists-society, where the figure of the responsible journalist has to emerge. He has to value the consequences and effects of his acts, must validate his profession not only for himself, to the accomplishment of his capacities, but also, and especially, for his relation with the others.

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